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What We Do

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We are empowering the next generation of leaders by providing education, job resources, and funding for new ventures that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. We’re talking clean renewable energy, local self-sufficiency, emerging technologies in soil and agriculture, and much more. Learn more below!

Your donations go towards education and training, student jobs in the climate economy, and investments in student-led community-based climate ventures that are good for the climate, economy and humanity!

What We Do

We’re constantly adding stuff, so for the latest update just call: 618 713 2896.

Donate for Giving Tuesday! Contributions between 6pm Nov. 27 and 12am Nov 28 qualify for bonus pool matching!

Let’s get back into balance!  We all can help. There are many things that need to be done, and we aim to ensure all the bases are covered, so you don’t have to. Your tax-deductible contribution will be used as efficiently as possible for:

  • Sustainability-Focused Economic and Community Development: Encourage and fund student-led community-based people-centered “climate ventures” that are good for the climate, economy and humanity (YES, all of that!): sometimes we’re helping to update an existing business, and sometimes we’re creating something totally new: new businesses, community projects, nonprofits, etc.
  • Project-Based Education and Training: Rapidly train university, community college and high school students to work as catalysts in their communities for high-demand clean energy and climate ventures: we’re helping upcoming generations understand, thrive and contribute in our increasingly connected world
  • Transferable Skills Development: Giving students of all ages opportunities to develop skills that are increasingly needed or required in our technology-driven economy, including networking, artificial intelligence, and more
  • Impact Investing: Help impact investors and donors get funding into the hands of motivated student and community groups for novel, collaborative ventures that are good for the climate, economy and humanity
  • Making a Difference: Give students the opportunity to work in real ventures making positive local and global change through internships: they can identify and fuel their passions, learn more about the world and how they can make a difference
  • Job Placement: Getting southern Illinoisans into training for 100’s of new jobs for the many new solar- and clean energy-related businesses around the region
  • Identifying and Increasing Awareness of Various Funding Opportunities and Other Resources: Work to ensure the plethora of government funding that’s currently available is coming to our region’s communities and institutions
  • Clean Energy Industry Establishment: Work to ensure that every person and every business in our region takes advantage of the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act which is pouring funding into new clean energy businesses and jobs in marginalized, low income and coal-affected communities throughout the state

Throughout the rest of 2023 and all of 2024, we aim to:

  • Teach Catalyst Cops remotely at University of North Carolina Charlotte
  • Teach Catalyst Corps with paid interns at SIU Carbondale
  • Work with southern Illinois high school students on Green Venturing to prepare them for Cayalyst Corps
  • Help design, build and fund climate ventures in southern Illinois that are student led and community based
  • Train mentors to work with students at all levels and areas of expertise
  • Hold southern Illinois regional events in spring and fall to showcase and help get resources for student projects
  • Develop guides for rural communities across the country to spread clean-energy and climate ventures far and wide
  • We have submitted multiple joint grant applications to help with the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act implementation in southern Illinois. We are working closely with many organizations you may have heard of, such as Carbondale United, Connect 360, the Alexander Pulaski Counties Economic and Community Development Council, the Southern Illinois Black Chamber of Commerce, AES Solar, Elan Renewables, labor unions, schools, returning citizens groups, and many more.

Stay tuned!

Most of our work falls under these umbrellas:

  1.  Catalyst Corps: Equipping college students (and motivated adults) with transferable skills, knowledge of cutting edge tech and innovation for the jobs of the future, new forever networks, and hands-on project based learning.
  2. Green Venturing: youth programs to introduce high school and elementary students to a clean green future
  3. All4.Earth: this platform for collaborative education and work towards student-led community efforts, business and creative ventures that can be shared in rural communities everywhere
  4.  Community networking and new project development: kickoff events, resilience fairs, grant coalitions and more


These lists are not exhaustive, just meant to give a taste. We’re working on an “Our History” section.

We’re currently working to launch Catalyst Corps in spring 2024, training college students to go out in the world and make positive change in their communities.

We’ve worked with students from across the US and in Canada on research projects involved with Regen Villages and other topics.

Read about earlier Youth Climate Economy Ventures.

In 2022, we worked with 5th graders from Lick Creek School to try out some pilot programs. We did a trash audit, set up a vermicomposting bin, set up an aquaponics fish tank with plants growing, and did a play to younger classes at the end. It was awesome!

Trash Audit

Setting up the Vermicomposting Bin

Thinking about Vermicomposting Goals


A full list of all our past events and links to the related videos are available on The Climate Economy Education Inc’s website. 

University of Illinois CURES Community Project Labs

Joint application for Illinois CEJA Navigator Funds

Joint application for Illinois CEJA Hub Funds


Support The Climate Economy

Our climate stands on a tipping point of many climate extremes, and our time to change course is running out. For the sake of current and future generations, please support this effort to assist individuals and communities with new business, industries and lifestyles that reduce harmful greenhouse gasses and pollution, increase community resilience and increase human connections. Let’s get the future we want!

Donate for Giving Tuesday! Contributions between 6pm Nov. 27 and 12am Nov 28 qualify for bonus pool matching!

Restore Balance to our Climate

“If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”


That’s how the old saying goes. Anyone who’s every had or known someone who’s had a chronic or debilitating illness or injury can tell you about that. It applies to our Planet Earth as well. Our planet is sick, it has a fever, it’s heating up. We have to bring it back into balance now, or things are likely to get unpleasant.


Already, the effects of the unnaturally fast warming of our global climate can be seen. These effects are usually borne by our brothers and sisters around the world who are doing the least to cause the warming. Increased global average temperatures are causing increasingly more extreme weather events, droughts, floods, and people are losing their homes, their livelihoods, their families and their peace. It’s causing extinction of many species that help to sustain the web of life at alarming rates. People are being forced to migrate in order to find livable conditions, with places destroyed by violence and corruption, and exacerbated by the effects of climate change. These are just of the few things happening in our world that we can fix if we just decide to do it.


It’s the humanitarian, scientific, and economic issue of our time. And unless we do something now, we might lose the chance to make a positive change.


Donate for Giving Tuesday! Contributions between 6pm Nov. 27 and 12am Nov 28 qualify for bonus pool matching!