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TCE Opinion: The Paris Climate Agreement “Decision”

TheClimateEconomy.com has been closely watching for the Trump administration’s “decision” regarding the Paris Climate Agreement. There are two things we feel are important to know about it at this point:

  1. At TheClimateEconomy.com we prefer to follow the truth, as in science, provable facts, data, peer-reviewed publications and research, etc. While we link to various sources to frame our narrative, we try to ensure that the sources are reputable and fact-based. Here is the problem: there are at least 19 fallacies in the speech that Trump gave about his “decision” regarding his withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, which is troubling. So, i.e., there is no reasoning that went along in this “decision.” It’s pure political games. In addition, it represents a minority view in our country; there is nothing there for anyone except for those who choose to live in Trump’s “alternate” universe, and the fossil fuel industry friends of Trump, who are happy to keep repeating the fallacies as if they’re true. He wouldn’t even listen to his national security people. In this decision, the Trump Administration stands with their convictions alongside the global powerhouses of….Nicaragua and Syria. So, for all these reasons, we find the decision disturbing.
  2. Fortunately, action is moving forward with or without Trump’s “decision” regarding the Paris Climate Agreement. There is no way to stop the momentum of clean energy (and here’s a report). It’s just common sense. Thousands of mayors, governors, universities and corporate leaders have already pledged to continue their work towards a clean, healthy and prosperous world, not to mention groups like ClimateMama and religious leaders. TheClimateEconomy.com is more committed than ever. For these reasons, we find the decision empowering.

This is surely not the end of the road for the Paris Climate Agreement and the USA’s commitment. “While the decision is deeply troubling, it may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened for the planet.” It’s a setback for sure, but we shouldn’t let it distract us from the work at hand. Stay tuned!

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