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Women and The Climate Economy

It’s time for women to take over and fix the problems that have become too large for society to ignore, including violence against women, social inequality, and the theft of future generations’ resources, all of course exacerbated by climate change. It’s the challenge of our time, and the biggest opportunity of our time to make things better for everyone. The Climate Economy Education Inc’s President and CEO, Amy McMorrow Hunter, presented at Carbondale’s Women’s Health Naturally Expo on February 29, 2020. Here is the outline of the presentation:

Why to choose a low-carbon lifestyle:

  1. Climate change is happening, it’s causing problems, it’s a huge risk to the future, and we know how to fix it.
  2. Women need to lead the fight against climate change, starting now, because climate change exacerbates many problems women already face.
  3. By choosing to change our lifestyles and business models to ones that are good for climate/economy/humanity, we get additional benefits of better health, lower costs, more fulfilling lives, etc.

How to change to a low-carbon lifestyle:

  1. Understand your needs and impact.
  2. Be a star in The Climate Economy.
  3. Share and participate.

There is always more to be said, and more to be discussed, and more to figure out. You and your community have specific needs and advantages and that’s what you want to look at. We’re going to be doing this everywhere we can, helping all the women we can to make this happen. For more information or to request an in-person presentation please contact TCE.

Download the presentation: Women’s Health Naturally Feb 29 2020.pptx. Please note: slides 7-10, 12-39 and 41 are credited to the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.