I would like to do a local carbon network at a location just south of Carbondale, out by Blue Sky Winery. A local carbon network is where we collect organic waste (agriculture, forestry), make something useful out of it and distribute it to those in the network, and sell whatever’s left over. These guys out in CA have been attempting this. It’s along the lines of community supported agriculture or a cooperative.

So I know a business with 1-5 tons of sawmill waste/day. I am interested in making it into biochar, mixing it with local food waste and turning it into a beneficial soil amendment. I am looking into the equipment needed, and will need lots of help since this is a project with lots of angles. Here are the points I’m supposed to add since it’s an idea:

Your vision,

My vision is to sustainably utilize organic waste to produce a soil amendment that will regenerate and strengthen local soil. There are tons of things that can be made/done with biochar so the soil amendment is not the only option. See the book “Burn” by Albert Bates.

Why it’s good for the climate/economy/humanity,

Climate: sequestering carbon in the soil, also sustainably utilizing waste materials that would otherwise decay, healthier soil

Economy: new industry, jobs

Humanity: building cooperation in the community, making the environment and people more healthy and productive

What’s the target action, or the action we want people to take

I guess for now I’ll start a group, join if you’re interested. Eventually we’re going to want to raise funds, get farmers involved, etc. Lots of target actions. It’s going to take lots of planning and organization.

What’s the problem action, or the action we want to stop or change.

Waste is getting burnt or left in the air to decompose and release greenhouse gasses. We should utilize it in a sensible way that is an overall net positive.