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We’re Causing The Change We Want To See

Education, Community and Tools for Thriving Authentically

Thriving Authentically means we live a quality life within planetary boundaries. And this means everyone, all the people on Earth. We learn how to live with a smaller footprint, and we help struggling peoples across the globe already suffering from climate change. That’s why we’re here. Thanks for visiting!

All4.Earth is a project of The Climate Economy Education Inc, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for education that’s been working out of southern Illinois since 2019.

Rights and Values

Since the founding of the US, things have changed. We need to modify some of the outdated rights and values that Americans have lauded over time, and adapt these old ways to something that fits in our world now. Values that applied in newly settled America  and the Old West don’t fit in our current society. We need to look at things differently.



Individual Freedom → Social Accountability

Exercising freedom in a way that ensures you’re not infringing others’ rights to individual freedom

Equality of Opportunity (impossible) → Good Life for All

Competition and cooperation  to improve individual and collective outcomes so all meet basic needs and truly have the chance to pursue the American Dream

Material Wealth → Wholistic Wealth

Work results in material sufficiency, AND unrestrained pursuit of non-harmful activities, AND other non-material rewards



Human behavior has caused and is causing unnatural climate change, species extinction, and ecological overshoot. In order to rebuilt our society in a way that enables everyone to live good quality lives within planetary boundaries, we have to prioritize and build:

  • Trust
  • Courage
  • Cooperation



Points on All4.Earth are just for fun, they’re not to make a big competition or make anyone nervous. They’re mainly meant to help people feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when the complete a target action so they’ll keep coming back and doing more of them. Eventually, we want to make the points redeemable for real-life local currency (we’re working on it). There are a lot of implicit rewards in taking target actions but sometimes people like that instant gratification. A few other things:
  • It’s possible to use points in your own groups or families; for example, if a mom wants to set up target actions for her kids to change behavior around the house, she can do that. It’s possible to transfer points and we can help people set up things like that.
  • Schools can set up target actions for their students. The students can be awarded on All4.Earth or get extra credit, for example.
  • Business can set up target actions for their customers. They may offer points on All4.Earth or they could give out coupons, for example. It’s a way to work together on the challenges that face us all.
  • It’s also possible to earn other rewards through target actions. Some target actions may have certificates or other compensation. As mentioned, we also want to eventually have rewards in local currency.

Next, we’re going to talk about all the things you can do on All4.Earth and how they relate to target actions and rewards.

Currently, when you do the activities below, you get points on your All4.Earth profile as follows (sometimes we add new or update point values and forget to put them here, but this should be close):

Complete course100  
Complete lesson50  
Complete topic10  
Add New Course
Create new group
Add Climate Ventures
Add Target Actions
Add Place 25 
Add Event 25 
Add Resource 25 
Add New Project in Group
Blog post 25 
Create New List 25 
Add To Do List Item
Registration  100
Visitor referral and signup
Share on Facebook
Share on Twitter  25
Share on LinkedIn
Share on Pinterest
New forum  25
New forum topic  25
Join a group  25
Visitor referral (no signup)
New friendship  10
Any comment: post, group or forum
New profile activity
Viewing lists  5
Viewing Places  5
Viewing Events  5
Viewing Resources
Viewing Target Actions
Viewing Climate Ventures
Viewing posts  1
Viewing pages  1
Viewing forums  1
Viewing discussions
Viewing replies  1