A Clean Recovery for 2021 with Community Resilience

Education and Community Building for Clean Energy and Climate

In April 2021, a number of educational events took place on a variety of topics:

  • Go Solar SI!
  • Hydroponics and Urban Gardening
  • Local Food and Farming
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Community Development
  • Biochar and Our Local Carbon Network

You can watch the videos below.


You can find the schedule and sign up for meetings below.


It’s time for a clean recovery for all in 2021. This April and May we’re learning about and organizing our clean energy and climate ventures and target actions to make our lives and our communities safer, more prosperous, and healthier by building our resilience to climate change. These events have been funded by the Just Transition Fund and an ongoing community sponsorship drive is underway to continue these activities. See below for sponsorship options.

Browse events below and link directly to registration and share with friends. Included with each event is a link to discussion groups on CLEANetwork.com for facilitating continuing conversations and activities on all these topics.  Alternatively, download the event PDF flyer with schedule and presentation details, ongoing activities throughout April, and the Climate SWOT survey (which can also be completed here). We’re going to fine-tune the art of “Community Opportunity Organizing,” a term minted here to define our intentional transitions towards clean energy and climate


Event Videos

Go Solar SI! Solarize SI, Coal2Sol, Cooperative Owners for Solar, Clean Energy Jobs Act
April 19, 2021

Hydroponics – St. Louis Indoor Produce, Macedonia Development Corporation and GreenOurPlanet.org
April 20, 2021

Local Food and Farms – Round Table Discussion
April 20, 2020

Tim Michels – Energy Resources Group – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Southern Illinois Community Development
April 23, 2021

Dr. Paul Anderson – Biochar-Making Options for Our Southern Illinois Local Carbon Network – April 27, 2021