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Getting the community involved

This would be an event that happens at the Innovation Barn in which locals can learn about what a circular economy is and why it would benefit them. Then there would be actions that they can directly participate in that would show how their contributions to a circular economy takes very little effort for a […]

Adopt a house project

This event would utilize grant money from the CGI to purchase many bee houses, of which students can sign up to ‘adopt,’ paint them, build them, and put them up in approved spaces on campus. This would encourage the student body to be participants in sustainable environmentalism and could spark others to want to join […]

Lightrail punchcard

This would be an adventure map paired with a punch card for each destination a person goes to, while only utilizing the lightrail or other public transportation to get there. This would encourage the use of public transportation as a certain amount of punches could earn someone a prize. This would help move towards bigger […]