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Catalyst Training

Catalysts are individuals who are given responsibility to help nurture a geographical community on the CLimate Economy Action Network (CLEANetwork). Read more about Catalysts below. Courses coming soon.

Anyone, anywhere can become a Solar Ambassador – check out the online course now!

Characteristics of Catalysts

  1. Catalysts are comfortable with following their passions in their work, and have a track record of success.
  2. Catalysts are comfortable with online and offline social networking, and the tools for both.
  3. Catalysts have demonstrated an expert level of understanding of the underlying concepts of The Climate Economy.

What Catalyst Learn

Catalysts bring their own unique passions and expertise to the table. We’ll also provide background:

  1. www.TheClimateEconomy.com: the website is a growing source of inspiration on new technologies, ideas, ways of doing things and people making things happen The Climate Economy way.
  2. Read:
    1. Collaborative Spunk: A Feisty Guide for Reviving People and Our Planet (PDF), by A. Gayle Hudgens. Part I is required reading, Part II is strongly recommended. The Climate Economy Education Inc is honored to offer Dr. Hudgen’s book online exclusively; we credit our roots to her. Gayle provides a comprehensible overview of the science we need to know about.
    2. A Finer Future: Creating an Economy in Service to Life, by L. Hunter Lovins et al, an eloquent illustration of the many truths and benefits of a better future for all. With decades of experience living and pursuing “a Finer Future,” Hunter provides a clear picture of how our economy currently works and how we can improve it.
    3. The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis, by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac. Christina has been fighting on the front lines for a better future for all, and she knows a thing or two. Christina and Tom provide an easy-to-read and understand guide that every individual can use.
  3. Training on the Ideagist platform, i.e. https://clean.ideagist.com/.

What Catalysts Do

  1. You work with The Climate Economy Education Inc’s President/CEO, Amy McMorrow Hunter, and other Catalysts across the network, to help lift all our boats.
  2. You coordinate and energize your community. People need a helping hand with learning and embracing this new way of doing things. You help make people feel comfortable in the community, and help them find their place and roles in the community. Also, people need help with connections that will strengthen your network. This means communicating with everyone in your network and facilitating communication among members through events and programming.

That’s it for now! Contact Amy if you are interested in becoming a Catalyst in your community.

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