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Category: 2.1. Buildings and Infrastructure

What are we doing about housing?

There’s a housing eviction crisis looming on the horizon. What is happening in our communities? We already know that low-income housing in Illinois is in a state of disrepair, and has been for a long time, even as upscale neighborhoods fight against decent living conditions for their fellow Americans. This isn’t an accusation, just a […]

TCE Opinion: The Paris Climate Agreement “Decision”

TheClimateEconomy.com has been closely watching for the Trump administration’s “decision” regarding the Paris Climate Agreement. There are two things we feel are important to know about it at this point: At TheClimateEconomy.com we prefer to follow the truth, as in science, provable facts, data, peer-reviewed publications and research, etc. While we link to various sources […]

Why the Climate Economy #4: Resilience

Rising temperatures, increasingly extreme weather events, and melting ice caps leading to rising sea levels are just a few of the things that are happening right now that are going to bring about monumental changes in life for everyone on the planet. There were 15 billion-dollar weather events in the US in 2016, and extreme […]

Electric Vehicles Dent the Market

Just today we’re hearing: Tesla Passes Ford by Market Cap Before Musk Delivers Model 3. Ouch, who would’ve thought! Now you never know if that will stick but it’s a pretty substantial moment. Why should we be thinking about electric vehicles (EV’s)?  Well, for starters, emissions from transportation in the US last year rose above […]