It’s time for all of us who love our southern Illinois home to band together and own our future. We have the power in our hearts, minds and hands to create the inclusive, prosperous, healthy future we want to see for current and future generations. We also have a blueprint of opportunities thanks to two current transition that is underway: 1) towards clean, renewable energy and 2) mitigation and adaptation to climate change. The Climate Economy works to provide the education and tools you need to get prepared for this future. The biggest effects from the two transitions above are likely to mean the following for southern Illinois:

  1. Jobs in clean energy, especially solar and possibly biomass waste, will grow and replace jobs being lost from closing coal plants. Solar is cheapest and is going to save consumers tons of money and bring tons of private investment to the state. And thanks to our connections we already have with the Just Transition Fund, we will be sure to take good care of fossil fuel workers and communities who are losing jobs because of closing coal plants.
  2. Electric vehicles, bikes and walking will mean lower car costs and communities with less pollution and noise. EV’s are cheaper over their lifetime, we can learn to recycle the batteries, and people like clean air and healthy bodies.
  3. We waste ⅓ of the food we purchase and consume, often shipped from afar, and this is a massive contributor to climate change. Many people are unhealthy because of all the processed food and lack of access to fruit and vegetables. We can do better by growing our own!
  4. A lot of southern Illinois’ productivity is centered around natural beauty and outdoor work and activities.
  5. With climate change, we have increasing risks of extreme weather events and drought and heat waves. Mostly because of fossil fuels from #1 and 2, and we know what to do to fix it.

Based on these statements, think about your home, community and region. What are your town’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in relation to clean energy and climate change? What are the best opportunities to pursue, and the biggest drawbacks to expect?

You can go directly to the SWOT surveys below or take the course first to get some additional background on SWOT analysis.

You can take courses on All4.Earth for free. This Community Climate SWOT course will give you the background you need to do your own analysis for your community of choice. If you register, you can earn points for courses you complete and other activities on All4.Earth.

Take Climate SWOT Course

Please complete the surveys at the links below. The Strengths and Weaknesses survey concerns the current internal state of your community in relation to clean energy and climate change strategies. It’s like taking stock. The Opportunities and Threats survey concerns external factors that could influence your community in the future.  This could include considering things like what are the expectations for your region in regards to climate change and how this will effect your current status, what climate economy sectors could thrive in your community, or what a failure to act now could mean for your community. Please fill out both surveys. Please provide your contact information if you’d like to be contacted about sharing your opinions or thoughts at our upcoming community listening forums. Thank you! Please contact Amy at 618 713 2896 if you have any problems or questions.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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Opportunities and Threats

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