The Cooperative Climate Venture Simulation is a group activity designed to open eyes and hearts to the good things we can do for society while earning a living, and doing things we’re passionate about. Climate change is already impacting our lives and increasing the risk of extreme weather through droughts, fires, and floods. Simultaneously, the movement to reduce our impact is growing and full of possibility. It turns out that by adjusting away from the harmful activities causing climate change we may have a lasting, positive effect on the economy, human health and benefit the environment. 

The Cooperative Climate Venture Simulation was created with youth-CEO and community groups in mind. Participants will be introduced to emerging trends in employee ownership, learn about the advancements and resources currently available for green industry, and work together to discuss issues they are faced with in their own community. Every individual will walk away from this workshop with a template to design a cooperatively owned enterprise, tools to build a network, and models that are good for the climate, economy, and humanity. The introduction to this course will highlight each of the topics described and is followed by a hands-on group exercise, culminating in presentations of group business ideas and lively discussion. 


To find out more or to schedule a simulation for your group please email: 

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Grass Roots Opportunities for Worker Cooperatives (GROW), the Southern Illinois Cooperative Business Fund (SICBF), and The Climate Economy are driven to provide access to alternative models for small-business and regional economies in southern Illinois to build resilient local networks.