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Climate opportunities are things that could come to us in the form of mitigation and adaptation activities that are going to improve health, economy and quality of life for our community. Climate opportunities could include things like:

  • Carbon credits
  • Getting value from waste
  • New products/services that reduce emissions
  • New jobs/markets
  • Economic diversification
  • Changing consumer habits

Additional community opportunity areas that could be focused on include:

  • Support local businesses, artists, growers, musicians, etc.
  • Support new business development, entrepreneurship
  • Identify/refurbish unused buildings
  • Attracting/retaining tourists
  • Create more green spaces/tourist attractions
  • Student alumni – focused programs
  • Serving senior populations
  • Bikers / drivers passing through town
  • Collaborate with nearby towns and groups
  • Connect trails to inns and businesses
  • Biomass and solar
  • Waste to energy
  • Build community engagement