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Climate Strengths

Climate strengths will be current and based on your internal, existing community capacities. It will be ways your community already has low emissions, for example, or does things to strengthen community cohesion. In your data collection you should have come up with some pretty good ideas of what your main strengths are. Your community strengths could include things like:

  • Existing college or community college
  • Historic qualities
  • Town Square
  • Shopping Centers / Malls
  • Pubs/Wineries
  • Hotels/Bed and Breakfasts
  • Local Shops/Artisans
  • Music scene
  • Main Street
  • Theater/Cultural center
  • Schools/Universities
  • Festivals, community events
  • Proximity to other cities or roads
  • Hospitals
  • Hiking / Biking Trails
  • Parks
  • Rivers/Waterways / Lakes
  • Recreational / Community Centers
  • Sports Teams
  • Local Food Growers
  • Kid-friendly
  • Diverse population
  • Cooperatives
  • Community gardens
  • Emergency Services

Rate and prioritize your community strengths related to:

  • Infrastructure
  • Water resources
  • Human resources
  • Local food
  • Schools and community cohesion
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Clean energy