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Climate threats include things that are already happening because of global temperature increases, as well as things that might happen if we don’t take climate action. Climate threats could include things like:

  • Cleanup and compliance costs (regulations)
  • Physical risks (storms, floods, etc.) and costs
  • Climate grief/increased crime and violence
  • Increased competition for resources
  • Dependency on imports for resources
  • Loss of industry

Other threats to consider in the context of climate change could include:

  • Flood damage
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Sewer fees
  • Lack of coordination / cooperation between businesses / sectors
  • Lack of jobs
  • Poor economic conditions (high costs for heat, electricity, food)
  • Crime or perceived threat of crime
  • State and local taxes
  • Lack of discretionary spending
  • Brain Drain
  • Lack of community development resources and/or committment
  • Businesses can’t compete or get the resources they need
  • Tax base losses from dying industry
  • Uneducated population