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What are the current weaknesses of your community that you can control internally? Here are some examples of “climate weaknesses:”

  • Lack of water drainage, good roads
  • Lack of local food/water resources
  • Weak infrastructure/buildings
  • Lack of emergency services
  • Dependency on one or few industries
  • Lack of self-sufficiency
  • Old, dirty energy
  • Polluted air/water

Examples of typical community weaknesses also include (and could be exacerbated by climate change):

  • Lack of public spaces
  • Not enough trees
  • Public buildings need repair
  • Parking
  • Crime / Drugs
  • Empty storefronts
  • Neglected buildings and neighborhoods
  • Lack of services e.g. automotive, gas
  • Waste management problems
  • Lack of cultural activities
  • Lack of bike lanes
  • Far from Interstates
  • Not enough local agriculture
  • Cell / Internet service
  • Lack of eating out options
  • Few affordable housing options
  • No care for children/seniors
  • High poverty rate
  • Lack of good job opportunities