Community Climate SWOT is your traditional SWOT analysis but based on:

  • A community
  • Taking into account possible/most likely impacts from climate change, adaptation and mitigation

This is still a new area of business analysis but certainly it’s going to be an excellent skill to have going forward. For anyone who wants to dive deeper into this topic, the World Resources Institute has developed an inspirational guide for businesses called sSWOT: A Sustainability SWOT. Here’s a blurb:

A sustainability SWOT (or sSWOT) provides a new twist on the familiar strategic analysis framework. It is a comfortable format for starting a conversation, but it is designed to help push colleagues into unexplored territory. It encourages teams to consider broader connections and opportunities for collaboration inside and outside the company. It challenges teams and decision makers to think about the long-term environmental challenges (like climate change or natural resource scarcity) that will be creating significant business risks or opportunities in the years ahead.

It’s related to a business analysis but the concepts are helpful. For those who are ready to jump into the next step on our community climate SWOT analysis, jump to the next lesson.