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The Climate Venture Map (CVM) is a business model canvas for ventures that encourage and reward human behaviors that are good for the climate, economy and humanity (climate ventures). The focus of a climate venture is on eliminating unwanted or harmful behaviors and ensuring the financial sustainability of the venture, as opposed to most business model canvases that focus on products, customers, profit and competition. Ventures are youth-led when possible, community-based and people-focused.

The CVM is a new and effective way to think about developing new ventures in a world with climate change and all the many intersecting issues (waste, pollution, overconsumption, food, mental health, inequality, poverty, unemployment, good-paying jobs, local self-sufficiency, disaster preparation, clean renewable energy, etc.). This mini-course briefly covers the main parts of the CVM, how to run through the CVM, and tools for building and sharing CVMs.


climate venture map

Course Discussion