When you look at the CVM:

  1. Understanding the Situation: Start with the top section of the map. Take a look at your situation. To get where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been, and where you are. Evaluate your (or your organization’s/community’s) internal and physical health, and measure your impact. Analyze your situation in the face of climate change with a Climate SWOT analysis, and put some different scenarios together to think about what might happen if you make different decisions or if different things change. Then decide on your vision of the future that you want to see.
  2. Causing the Change: Every action has a cause. If we want people to change behavior so we can all live a bit lighter, we have to cause them to take that action.So we have to figure out how to cause the change we want to see. What action will you need to take (target action) and what action will it replace (problem action)? How are each of them good/bad respectively for climate/economy/humanity? By standing in the vision of the future where you’re doing your target action and looking back towards the problem action, you can chart a course for behavior change. We get through the tunnel and our funnel will open back up.
  3. Participate and Share: This is where we’re creating our future, we’re doing the work. We determine our priorities, inflows and outflows and figure out a balanced way to operate. You can now determine your venture’s mission, and develop a business plan or a strategic plan, or whatever kind of plan works for you. Carry out the plan. Evaluate your results, and continuously improve. Share it!

Course Discussion