In The Climate Economy, we share our climate ventures so that others in communities with similar goals and characteristics can get ideas of how to make changes in their own communities. We want to spread our climate ventures far and wide. They’re going to provide productivity and jobs in each community where they’re adopted. We’re not hoarding our ideas to create monopolies or competitive advantage. We’re sharing so everyone, everywhere can thrive authentically by participating in climate ventures and taking target actions.

  1. A great way to run through the climate venture map is with a mind map. A downloadable template (a “.mind” file) for building a Climate Venture Map using MindMeister is available at this link. You can set up a free account on for up to three mind maps. When you log into your new account, upload the Climate Venture Map Template. Start with the Vision, hit tab and enter your vision. Then go to Target Action, hit tab and enter your target action, etc., through all the steps. Every time you hit tab on a node you add a new subitem for that node. You can move nodes; make sure you select “free” format instead of right-aligned or other choices.
  2. You can download a Climate Venture Map – Fillable PDF.
  3. We want to use All4.Earth as a repository for CVMs so we can start to collect data about what’s working where. You can add your CVM as a listing, where we try to capture as much data as possible for each climate venture.

Once you complete your CVM, you can set up a Group on All4.Earth. In the group, you get free tools for:

  • Project Management
  • Discussion Forum
  • Knowledge Base

And access to all the other free tools on All4.Earth.

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