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What Can We Do on CLEANetwork.Earth?

In a nutshell, we can:

  1. Learn about what interests us and what’s going on in our community and the world
  2. Get ideas for new projects or businesses (ventures) that are good for climate, economy, humanity
  3. Get involved by starting or joining groups to get or give help on ventures
  4. Find needed resources like funding, employment or expertise
  5. Share our expertise, ideas and resources
  6. Earn points and rewards for taking action

All in an effort to help every person live their purpose and earn a living while nurturing human health and the environment. Explore the links in the top and side menus to get started.

We just recently switched our name from CLEANetwork.com to GoodChange.Earth, so if you see the CLEANetwork around somewhere please don’t be alarmed. It stands for the CLimate Economy Action Network.