Are you interested in starting a new group or getting your existing group to do start a new effort? In this Intro-To-Go:

  1. You will be shown examples of how others are starting groups to accomplish a variety of goals,
  2. You will get lots of ideas for new groups or efforts, and 
  3. You will learn how to use All4.Earth for group facilitation and reward group members and others for target actions.

For now these courses are self-managed, so you decide what to read and what to pursue further. If you would like additional help, contact or call 618 713 2896

There are several lessons in this course. You don’t have to complete all of them. If you are a registered member (registration is free) you will gain points for completion of lessons and topics and can participate in the group discussions. You will get points for whatever lessons you complete. Just as a bonus you get 50 extra points if you complete all the lessons.