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  1. Join an existing group. You get ten points for joining a group, and additional points whenever you participate in the way of new topics and replies in the discussion forum.
  2. Create a new group. For best results, you will want to already have a basic idea of what you want your group to do and a few first members.  You get 100 points for starting a new group and having at least 3 members. You can get points from All4.Earth Administrator (Amy) to set up target actions for people to take.
  3. Create a course with a group. Do you have something you want to teach people and start a group around that? Maybe it’s an idea or an expertise of yours? Each course on All4.Earth comes with a group built in. So you can teach your course and manage your group. To create a course you need to become an Instructor. Contact amy@theclimateeconomy.com or call Amy at 618 713 2896.