As a Solar Ambassador, we want you to be able to talk not only about solar energy, but also about what the future looks like when we transition to a clean economy. Choose at least 2 of the 4 readings in the list below. As you read, please take note at what jumps out at you. Write it down in a notebook or highlight it if you use a PDF reader like Kindle. What is surprising? What inspires or excites you?

List of Readings

  1. The transformation to renewable energy, including solar, will create millions of jobs, lower household energy costs, and reduce emissions over the coming years. Read Rewiring America’s Jobs Report, at least the Executive Summary.
  2. A global transformation to renewable energy is financially and technically possible and results in profound improvements in measures of human welfare: economic, environmental and social. Read IRENA’s “Global Energy Transformation: Roadmap to 2050,” at least pages 8-14, Highlights and Key Findings. Also, read the Online Summary of the Global Renewables Outlook: Energy transformation 2050, and dig as deeply as you want. IRENA’s website is a treasure trove of information.
  3. A report by New Climate Economy, a coalition including the World Resources Institute, shows that transitioning to a low-carbon economy could create a $26 trillion economic growth opportunity & 65 million new jobs by 2030. Read the report, pages 8-16, Key Findings and Report Summary. (You can read the whole thing if you want!)
  4. Renewable energy, including solar, is part of an adaptation plan that has huge positive impacts in many areas crucial to supporting and sustaining life. “Our research finds that investing $1.8 trillion globally in five areas from 2020 to 2030 could generate $7.1 trillion in total net benefits,” says a report by the Global Commission on Adaptation. Read at least the Executive Summary, pages 9-13.