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We will attempt to provide Solar Ambassadors with continuous inspiration that they can spread and share. The idea is to get solar energy up and running everywhere, because it’s going to be a win-win-win for climate-economy-humanity. Whatever your specialty or interest in solar, dig into it and use your passion to inspire others. We need all hands on deck. Choose between one and all of the resources below, and get going!

  1. CLEANetwork – a public group is available to discuss the course as well as inspiration and ideas for Solar Ambassadors. SA’s can post events and Opportunities (classifieds). Groups can be set up to manage community projects and teams. Get busy!
  2. Follow and share social media: AES Solar on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and The Climate Economy Education Inc on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  3. Learn about residential solar incentives, benefits, example systems and referral program at AES Solar’s website.
  4. Learn about commercial solar incentives, benefits, example systems and referral program at AES Solar’s website.
  5. Learn about the Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act and what you can do to help pass clean energy legislation in Illinois.
  6. Register nonprofits to see if they’re eligible for solar. Share the benefits and other information!
  7. Find your Illinois elected representatives and makes sure they know you love solar. Make sure you and your loved ones are registered to vote and are voting solar-energy friendly.
  8. Become a solar installer! You need to take a course, get some hands-on training, get OSHA hours and pass a NABSEC test to be qualified for an entry-level position at a solar company. Look for training and courses in your area, or check out Coal2Sol for potential scholarships.
  9. Tell your friends! If we each tell five people, they tell five, etc…An comprehensive book by A. Gayle Hudgens entitled “Collaborative Spunk: A Feisty Guide for Reviving People and Our Planet” details the reasoning behind and the process of starting friends and family or community groups for environmental conservation. It’s available on The Climate Economy Education Inc exclusively at no cost at the link above.
  10. Check out a short reading list for Catalysts and Solar Ambassadors on The Climate Economy’s website.
  11. Explore the Transition Town movement! Energy transition is the core of Transition towns, and they have a guide for putting together community groups.
  12. Stay tuned! More courses and resources coming soon.