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Solar energy is the key to any successful global transition. This transition will be complicated and overlap with many other areas of our lives. Many important issues are related to the transition to solar energy and a clean economy. Choose at least 2 of the topic areas below and read the related stories. Take note of what especially interests you, what jumps out, what makes you want to read more. The lists below are not exhaustive and are just meant to introduce broad areas; please dive deeper if you’re inspired.. If you know of additional topics and sources you’d like to share, please add into the quiz at the end of this lesson.

Climate Change

NASA’s Climate Change Website includes evidence, causes, effects and solutions.

Climate Justice

Black Lives Matter: the link between climate change and racial justice

IUCN’s Issue Brief on Gender and Climate Change

Presentation by The Climate Economy on Women and Climate Change

Ben and Jerry’s Issues We Care About: Climate Justice

Corporate and Government Accountability

Inside Climate News’ reporting on major oil company’s decades long mininformation campaign to muddy the debate on climate change

Science and Technology

Solar Energy Industries Association page on Solar Technologies

Circular Economy

Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s report “Completing the Picture: How the Circular Economy Tackles Climate Change

Solar Energy and Land Use

Yale Environmental Review: Reducing the land use impact of solar energy – a triple win for climate, agriculture, and biodiversity