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Assignment 2: Do a Group Effort

  1. Choose one or all of the following:
    1. You can join an existing group (see Groups on CLEANetwork, or join a local nonprofit that’s doing good work; also check the Clean Jobs Toolkit Action Sheet: The Secret for Causing the Change We Want to See for ideas).
    2. Start a group of your own (See CLEANetwork’s “Start a Group or Group Effort” course), or
    3. Start an effort in a group you already belong to (e.g. talk about clean energy at your weekly mom’s club, see group course above).
  2. Post your choice and show your progress on the group for this course, Clean Energy and Jobs, in the discussion forum under Assignment 2. Obviously it’s super easy just to join a group (1 above) so if you choose that one, please indicate how you plan to contribute to the development and growth of that group.
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