Each topic in this lesson is a page in the toolkit. To download the toolkit separately from this course, go to this page: https://all4.earth/clean-energy-clean-jobs/.

This toolkit is a cheat sheet for all Illinois residents, and even all US citizens, to bring about a clean recovery for all through clean energy and jobs. It’s a companion to a longer course on CLEANetwork.com, where citizens can learn about and get involved with community- and world-changing ideas and projects. Everyone has a role to play. This toolkit’s Info Sheets include facts and figures about clean energy and jobs, why it’s good for the climate, economy and humanity, and how it’s paid for, with a focus on the Clean Energy Jobs Act in Illinois. Then the Action Sheets provide the SECRET to causing the change we want to see (getting involved), and a list of target actions that people can take right now, today, every day to get started and maintain positive forward momentum. This is going to be fun and rewarding, it’s going to bring us together around a common goal that we can all agree on (clean, plentiful energy), improve the economy, create jobs, bring people out of poverty, protect people, animals and nature from pollution, and all kinds of good stuff.

This toolkit focuses on the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) in Illinois, because it’s the most comprehensive legislation under consideration. A group of individuals and organizations called the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition is working to pass this legislation that could bring widespread benefits to Illinois residents and businesses. This toolkit provides people with the information they need to help bring the benefits of clean energy to Illinois, or to get ideas for their own state. If/when CEJA passes in Illinois, this toolkit will be updated with links to program information. For now, please be sure to learn the facts about clean energy and jobs in this toolkit, pass it on, get involved, and help make clean energy and jobs happen.