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ACTION SHEET: List of Individual Target Actions

Download the Toolkit. is an online community for anyone interested in learning about, getting ideas and getting involved in climate ventures and taking target actions. Climate ventures are businesses or community efforts that are good for the climate, economy and humanity. Target actions are “products and services” of climate ventures, or things people can do to learn about, create, or do actual things that help them or others reduce emissions or increase human connections. Target actions include taking courses, joining or starting groups, or signing up for activities in the community; the possibilities are endless and more are being created every day. As rewards for taking target actions, people can earn points on CLEANetwork, earn resume rewards, lower electricity costs, find jobs, and other benefits. The links below to “CLEANetwork” stuff will take you to courses or target actions where you can earn points on CLEANetwork. Courses are actual written out lessons and a lot of reading; Intro-To-Go and Micro-courses are mostly links to external reading, but you get points for all of it. Registration is required but everything is free, provided by The Climate Economy Education Inc, a 501(c)(3) for education. The most recent, up-to-date target actions are on The other links listed here are for informational purposes that people may find helpful. You can join the discussion in the “Clean Energy and Jobs” discussion group, which is also connected to the online course.

  1. Learn about clean energy and jobs on CLEANetwork:
    1. Course: Clean Energy and Jobs: What Everyone Needs to Know; 50 points per lesson completion, 100 bonus points for completion of all lessons: 
    2. Intro-To-Go: Getting Started on CLEANetwork (for those new to the site); 25 points per lesson completion, additional 50 bonus points if all lessons are completed: 
    3. Intro-To-Go: Solar Ambassadors and Intro to Coal2Sol; 25 points per lesson completed, extra 50 points upon completion of all lessons: 
    4. Mini-course: Solar incentives and rebates; 15 points: 
    5. Mini-course: Community Solar (IL Solar for All); 30 points: 
    6. Mini-course: Solar for Illinois Schools and Resources for Teachers; 30 points: 
    7. Mini-course: Ameren Illinois Residential Energy Efficiency Program” to learn about how to reduce your energy use and lower your electricity costs – 15 points: 
    8. Mini-course: Debunking Lies and Myths Told About Clean Energy and Climate Change; 30 points: 
    9. Mini-Course: Understanding the Fossil Fuel Disinformation Machine; 30 points: 
  2. Get Involved – Become a more engaged citizen
    1. Intro-To-Go: Start Your Own Group or a Group Effort; ideas for groups, how to run groups and meetings, how to use CLEANetwork for groups and meetings; 25 points for each lesson, 50 bonus points upon completion of all lessons: 
    2. Visit ICJC website: view all members and join a group; find how to contact Gov., grassroots activism, find town hall events: 
    3. Find downstate organizations already working on CEJA that you can join and support: 
  3. Make efforts to improve energy efficiency in your home or business:
    1. Sign your business up for a free energy consultation from Ameren Illinois: 
    2. Get a whole makeover for your business to optimize your energy efficiency, water use, waste management and more with the Illinois GreenBizTracker: 
  4. Get Solar Installed
    1. Get a quote from AES Solar in Carterville, IL.
    2. Get a quote from Southern Illinois Solar in Greenville, IL.
    3. Get a quote from StraightUp Solar in St. Louis, MO or Bloomington, IL.
    4. Get a quote from WindSolarUSA in Springfield, IL.
    5. Get a quote for your nonprofit organization.
    6. Get a quote for your school.
    7. Get a quote from a company not listed here:;; 
  5. Get or Train For a Clean Energy Job
    1. Solar Jobs Training
      2. Southern Illinois solar training with Aur Beck: 
      3. Explore other solar training resources:
      4. Info about solar training on Department of Energy website: 
      5. Worker profiles for clean energy jobs on Clean Jobs Midwest: 
    2. Solar Jobs Search:
      1. Illinois: 
      2. Solar jobs downstate Google search
      3. Solar Energy Industry Jobs Board
  6. More useful links:
    1. Watch and share this video by Illinois citizen Jean Korte about clean energy in Illinois and the Clean Energy Jobs Act.
    2. Free 6-week basic solar course: 
    3. MREA’s Rise Up Midwest call to action workbook


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