The Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA) creates a complete ecosystem to build and maintain an equitable, clean, reliable energy future for Illinois, and to take care of workers losing their coal jobs. It’s the only legislation that has been put together by a partnership of organizations (the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition) and with input from individuals in communities across the state. It provides many opportunities with overall positive benefits for climate, economy and humanity. Please visit each link below to read more about the details on the Illinois Clean Jobs Coalition website. Additionally, an informative video by Illinois citizen Jean Korte can be viewed at this link.

Good for the climate, as in reducing CO2 emissions and switching away from fossil fuels:

Carbon-free Power

Renewable Energy

Electric Transportation


Good for the economy, as in lowering costs for consumers and businesses and creating jobs:

Capacity Market Reform

Energy Efficiency

Utility Accountability


Good for humanity, as in ensuring benefits for people and communities across the state:

Equitable Workforce Development

Energy Access and Solar for All

Support Fossil Fuel Workers and Communities