We know that we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030, and our choices now will determine how we will meet those goals. We also know that transportation and electricity generation from fossil fuels are the two biggest sources of emissions in Illinois. What climate benefits will CEJA bring to Illinois?

With CEJA, we reach 46% renewables by 2030, while we are currently at 8%. With a 38% increase in renewables, if we’re reducing electricity emissions from fossil fuels by that much, even with the emissions from new solar added back in, we’re talking about an annual reduction of around 22 million metric tons of CO2, or about the same amount of CO2 sequestered by 29 million acres of forest per year.
Transportation is the biggest source of emissions in Illinois. Helping get EV’s on the road reduces emissions and lowers cost of operation for owners.
Electrical grids that include storage reduce emissions by significantly reducing energy loss, studies show.
When utilities invest in energy efficiency programs, costs are reduced and less energy is used, so emissions are lower.

CEJA creates the clean energy future in Illinois with these new and expanded programs:

Renewable Energy DevelopmentExpand Illinois Solar for All; New build targets of 5GWh/year for wind and solar; Increases RPS budget; Reopening of Adjustable Block Program; Equity points system; Expands brownfield solar; Clarifies net-metering policy
100% Carbon-Free Power by 2030Directs IL EPA to establish annual declining greenhouse gas pollution caps; Plant-specific caps; Environmental justice analysis; Provisions for stakeholder processes; strategic plans with DCEO; reliability requirements
Electric TransportationEV Access for All; Beneficial Electrification program for public/mass transit; Supports building of EV infrastructure


Myth: Clean energy really isn’t that clean.

Mythbuster: Coal electricity causes 25 times more GHG emissions than the same amount of electricity from solar. Read more.

Myth: There’s nothing we can do about climate change.

Mythbuster: Every human choice and action now will determine the changes and risks.