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After School Modules

After School Modules

Teachers are already overloaded and it’s hard for them to include more fun learning programs because of the targets they have to meet. Therefore, it’s up to parents, older students and community members (volunteers) to bring after school programs to schools.  Volunteers will need to contact the principal to ensure it’s something the school wants to do, and will most likey require a background check.

Here are some links to pre-prepared modules for volunteers. They are just the basic structure. These programs were accomplished by two moms at a small rural elementary school, and photos and video arae available upon request. For more information contact Amy McMorrow Hunter, amy@theclimateeconomy.com, 618 713 2896

Aquaponics – 2 to 3 one-hour or one and a half-hour after school meetings; at the end you have an aquaponics system consisting of a fish tank and growing plants.

Vermicomposting: 3-5 one-hour or one and a half-hour after school meetings: at the end you have a working vermicomposting bin.