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Urban Community and Rural Agriculture Based Energy Economic Development Systems

Urban Community and Rural Agriculture Based Energy Economic Development Systems

Relocalized and distributed business models for food, sustainable agriculture, energy efficiency, renewable energy, technology, ecotourism, water conservation/reclamation, waste and investment are increasingly common tools for local economic development and wealth-building strategies. 

Images, developed by Energy Resources Management https://www.energyresourcesgroupinc.com/:

Figure 1: https://bit.ly/2RXag0t – Urban community energy economic development system development

Figure 2: https://bit.ly/3oga0Gf – Rural agriculture based energy economic development system development

Figure 3: https://bit.ly/3br9jVp – Representative sample of local green jobs

Potential businesses/projects:

  1. Connect rural and urban economies: Research, analyze community assets and issues; Establish/optimize communication, public/private collaboration, and increase local grass-roots organizing capacity
  2. Stimulate entrepreneurship: Establish plans and support for Illuminations/DHUD Envision Centers demonstration projects that provide opportunities for collaboration, resource-sharing, business incubator/accelerator, research/development, education, and training
  3. Train workers for jobs in sustainable careers: Identify, support, expand existing programs; Develop new programs to provide pathways for community economic development systems (Fig 1-2), help people find their niche, funnel them toward available jobs (Fig 3)
  4. Optimize policies/programs to support CLEANetwork: Investigate, facilitate, implement municipal policies that reinforce green/sustainable community economic development. Develop master plans to sustain and grow local businesses utilizing the local workforce and create generational wealth within communities