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Earn Points for Action and Build Your Climate Economy ID

Once you register, taking action and earning points results in badges for your profile (see below), accolades, and soon, more real rewards. Your actions become part of your identity, eventually something you can add to your resume. We call it “target actions” because the actions help to reduce emissions, increase human connections and/or increase community resilience.

We want to partner with community businesses and organizations to set up target actions in the real world or on the site that are sponsored by the organizations (contact us about becoming a community partner). [Note: You don’t have to worry about points at all if you don’t want to.]

  • It’s possible to use points in your own groups or families; for example, if a mom wants to set up target actions for her kids to change behavior around the house, she can do that. It’s possible to transfer points and we can help people set up things like that.
  • Schools can set up target actions for their students. The students can be awarded or get extra credit, for example.
  • Business can set up target actions for their customers. They may offer points or they could give out coupons, for example. It’s a way to work together on the challenges that face us all.

It’s also possible to earn other rewards through target actions. Some target actions may have certificates or other compensation.

Currently, when you do the activities below, you get points on your profile as follows (sometimes we add new or update point values and forget to put them here, but this should be close):

Complete course100  
Complete lesson50  
Complete topic10  
Add New Course 500 
Create new group 100 
Add Climate Ventures 100 
Add Target Actions 50 
Add Place 25 
Add Event 25 
Add Resource 25 
Add New Project in Group 25 
Blog post 25 
Create New List 25 
Add To Do List Item 5 
Registration  100
Visitor referral and signup  50
Share on Facebook  25
Share on Twitter  25
Share on LinkedIn  25
Share on Pinterest  25
New forum  25
New forum topic  25
Join a group  25
Visitor referral (no signup)  10
New friendship  10
Any comment: post, group or forum  10
New profile activity  10
Viewing lists  5
Viewing Places  5
Viewing Events  5
Viewing Resources  5
Viewing Target Actions  5
Viewing Climate Ventures  5
Viewing posts  1
Viewing pages  1
Viewing forums  1
Viewing discussions  1
Viewing replies  1


These are our “starter” badges, we’ll be coming up with more exiting ones soon!

Badge TypeActions# of Actions
GroupieJoin Groups3
 New Group Forum Topic3
 New Group1
 New Forum1
 New Group Forum Post10
SpreaderVisitor Referral20
 Signup Referral (your referral sign up)10
 Social Share25
 Social Follow1
ScholarComplete Courses5
Frequent VisitorViewing Content50
 Logging in50
 Link Clicks50
FriendlyNew Profile Update10
 Avatar Upload1
 Cover Photo Upload1
 New Friends20
 New Profile Comments10
 New Messages5