Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the deal with Points on CLEANetwork?

The entire goal of CLEANetwork is to help people build climate ventures and take target actions. Target actions help people change behavior to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions or increase human connections. You can earn points on CLEANetwork for taking target actions. To learn the basics about what climate ventures and target actions are, take the Intro-To-Go: Getting Started on CLEANetwork course. To search for target actions that you can take, click on “Participate and Share” in the top menu, then scroll down to “target actions,” or go to this page.

Appii Resume Rewards

What are Appii Resume Rewards?

What is Appii?

Employee background checks and CV verification underpinned by blockchain technology

You can go to and register for an account, and get busy setting up your CV (curriculum vitae, or resume). When potential employers or others see this resume, they’ll know that your claims to fame are verified. When you complete certain target actions on CLEANetwork, you can get verified awards, certificates, etc. on your Appii resume. So every action you take to reduce emissions or increase connections will be recorded for posterity. Your good behavior will become a living testament to your dedication to the climate, economy and humanity. Once you set up your resume, email and we can send you an invite to get biometrically verified for free.

What can businesses and organizations do on CLEANetwork?


CLEANetwork is a project of The Climate Economy Education Inc (TCE), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit for eduacation. The mission of TCE is:

…to help everyone, everywhere generate people-centered climate ventures through education and programs so every individual achieves prosperous net zero emissions in their lifestyles and work in order to bring and keep all the Earth’s natural systems in balance for current and future generations.

Target actions are the “products and services” of The Climate Economy. They are actions people can take to reduce emissions or increase human connections, and people get rewards for taking target actions.

Your donations will help build a better world for current and future generations. Donate now.

Sponsor YCEV

Youth Climate Economy Ventures (YCEV) is TCE’s program for engaging students at the intersection of humanity, climate and economy to help them envision and design a sustainable, diverse, inclusive, and dynamic future. We’re working with to help get students building new climate ventures, the target actions of which will be posted here on CLEANetwork. YCEV is based online and students can participate individually or can be driven by school or community groups. Link to more information about the program and how to sponsor here.

List Target Actions

You can list your business or organization in the “Places” directory and then you are eligible to list target actions, opportunities (classifieds) and events on the Exchange. TCE can grant an organization or entity the points it needs to carry out its target actions.