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Campus eating utensils

3 months agoopen0

Basically switching over from plastic utensils to wheat straw utensils. Wheatstraw is biodegradable, renewable, and environmentally friendly, compared to plastic. In doing research for this topic, there are many other alternatives to plastic utensils such as bamboo, but I’ve used bamboo utensils before and while they are pro enviroment, they are easily stained and filmsy when eating. Wheatstraw utensils is the best solution because it has all the pros bamboo has and even more, without those cons attached to it. It would take some substantial funding and planning to remove all of the plasticware in the dispensers, and replace them with wheat straw ware. By eliminating plasticware, we can show students how serious the campus is about changing bad environmental habits, and as well reduce our plastic waste. This is a project I would definetely like to work on because, I’ve seen one restaurant do this, and the feedback from customers was great. People are really concerned with changing their bad habits and this will motivate them even more in changing for the better.

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