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Campus shuttle

3 months agoopen2

We could establish a campus shuttle to Amtrak and the airport. There’s no direct connection from either station to the light rail, so a lot of students will take rideshares. A campus shuttle could be made available for at least one or two times per week, especially before/after campus breaks.

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2 thoughts on “Campus shuttle

    1. Technically, the Amtrak station has a bus that will take you into uptown so that you can get on the light rail. However, this bus takes you in the opposite direction of campus. Driving from the station to campus is 15-20 minutes, versus using a bus and taking the light rail is at best 45 minutes but usually over an hour. As someone who has used this route before, it’s very inconvenient and the station is not located in a great area. I have observed myself and many other students using rideshares for this reason.