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Clothes swap shopping event

3 months agoopen2

I think an idea that would be simple and interesting for college students is to have an “shopping” event on campus where you can bring in clean, but used clothes you no longer want and trade them for other pieces of clothing that other students have brought to trade in. Similar to thrift shopping but within the college student community. This would help reduce consumerism and encourage recycling/reuse of articles of clothing which I think many students would value. Many people I know have more clothes than they wear especially if they want to get rid of extra stuff before moving out so I think this would be a cool way to get students to recycle their used clothing in exchange for an incentive or for different items.

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2 thoughts on “Clothes swap shopping event

    1. I like this idea and I think that if Hannah would like to go through with this idea, I would like to be a part of it. I think that continuing the work of Norm’s Vintage Market would definitely be great. But maybe we should call it less a market and more an anything and everything clothing drive. People are more likely to be involved if the word free is bolded and if there is a cost to it, it deters them away.