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Green roof with native plants

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How it aligns with bigger campus climate goals/vision:
The installation of a green roof with pollinator-friendly plants on campus aligns with broader sustainability goals by addressing multiple environmental concerns. Firstly, the green roof improves energy efficiency by acting as natural insulation for campus buildings, reducing the need for heating and cooling. This aligns with the vision of creating environmentally friendly and energy-efficient campus infrastructure.

Secondly, incorporating pollinator-friendly plants on the green roof promotes local biodiversity. This supports campus ecological systems, contributes to the health of pollinator populations, and aligns with the campus’s commitment to sustainability and conservation. A diverse and thriving ecosystem on campus can enhance overall environmental resilience and promote a more sustainable and balanced environment.

Description of the project:
The project involves designing and installing a green roof on a selected campus building. The roof would be covered with a variety of pollinator-friendly plants, such as native flowers and shrubs, creating a habitat for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. The installation would include a proper irrigation system and monitoring mechanisms to ensure the health of the plants and their attractiveness to pollinators.

Encouraging people to take the target action:
To encourage engagement with the green roof project, organize educational programs and guided tours for students, faculty, and staff. Highlight the benefits of green roofs, such as energy savings, improved air quality, and the role of pollinators in local ecosystems. Additionally, involve the campus community in the planting and maintenance of the green roof to foster a sense of ownership and environmental stewardship.

This is a project I would be interested in doing.

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2 thoughts on “Green roof with native plants

  1. My class two years ago tried to get some traction on this. We went through facilities management and the Office of Sustainability but ultimately it was not feasible to do with any of the current campus buildings.