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Tools for Groups that want to get things done in The Climate Economy

  Groups: Bring everyone together, no matter where they are or what organization they're with. Keep all your files and group information in one place. Have discussions between meetings. Solve complicated issues in large, distributed groups. Projects: Simplify...

Thriving Authentically: A Visualization with Circles

The circles in the image above are not some mystical thing, they're just a visualization that can help us find our niche towards thriving authentically. What's thriving authentically? Living our purpose and earning a good living while nurturing human health and...

Why this platform for change? The Goals and Values on All4.Earth.

The goal is to make change a blast.


Americans believe wrong things, like in order to be “winners” we must work ourselves to death at jobs that make us miserable, get bigger and bigger houses, become a billionaire, etc. We don’t think much about the consequences of our choices or actions. Others may lose and suffer for us to win, but that’s just the way it is, right? No, actually it’s not right. It’s disastrous to our health and destroying nature. So it can’t be right. We can feel it. It doesn’t feel right, and it’s causing issues all over the place.


If we think about it, it’s really not necessary, noble or courageous to “win” this way. Think about it, who are the real heroes in the movies and the stories, in the religions? It’s those who are strong through their humility, not their boasting. Success comes through exposing the truth and helping others who are being wrongly persecuted or taken advantage of. The heroes are those with the biggest hearts, the courage to stand up for what they know is true. But yet we continue to measure our value and the value of our lives by these other wrong things.


Because of this wrong thinking, the climate is changing, we’re heading towards mass extinctions of animals and plants, and we’re destroying our chances for a livable future. So how can we switch to doing things right?


What is “right”? Well anyone who says they know the answer is trying to sell you something. What we do know is that for many behaviors that cause harm, we know better ways of doing things, so we just have to change those behaviors. Easy. Well, no, not easy. Change can be hard. That’s what All4.Earth is for. To make the necessary change a blast.


What we need to do is recognize that we need to change, and try out different ways of doing things until we find what works best for everyone. We don’t have to shoot for perfection, because everyone’s perfection will be different; maybe we shoot for being content and comfortable. It’s not less heroic. It’s how we’ll get to our personal “right.” Even if we try and fail, we adapt our plans a bit and try again. That’s how to manage change. We don’t judge, we don’t insist on staying with bad behaviors when we see with our own eyes they’re causing harm. We learn to change with style. It’s a mind shift.


The goal is a complete and fun makeover for humanity, starting with every individual. We have all kinds of tools and other things set up to make it happen. We’re rewarding the right things, like cooperation, creativity and integrity (our values, below). The idea is for older generations to support youth and future generations and changing our behaviors towards cooperation, creativity, and integrity. Everyone has a role to play, and All4.Earth is the stage.


Everything on All4.Earth is free, subject to change or failure, and experimental. If you have problems or questions, please let us know. There’s a whole public group for that. Express yourself. Find what you need, if you don’t find it, we’ll help. See below for more information on “traits and behaviors we admire and encourage.”


We are all connected. And we don’t have to make others lose so we can win. We can all live meaningful, prosperous lives and we all deserve that.

Humans evolved by cooperating, but at some point we were led to believe we must compete with each other, to be “better” than others at any cost to others or nature. So let’s get our humanity back. The All4.Earth platform builds cooperation into every aspect of its being. Working in groups, allowing people to apply their strengths, and rewarding in ways that lift our bodies, hearts and minds. We can still win, we can still be strong, and feel good, and in the process we help instead of harm. Good stuff.


The only real measure of worthiness is harm. If you’re causing harm to yourself or others or nature, another path will be better. There are infinite paths. We can all find our paths and live them with enthusiasm.

There’s this theory of learning where there are six levels of learning. Here they are from bottom to top: remembering, understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. At this moment in time, we have all the information and technology we need to create a better future for all, where all are safe, secure and living meaningful lives. We just haven’t been creative enough, because we’ve been distracted by thinking money and power are the measures of value. Everything on the All4.Earth platform encourages learning at all levels, but especially creativity. With creativity, we’ll spread good stuff and get rid of the bad. It’s totally possible, you  just have to believe it.


By being our true, whole selves envisioned by the All4.Earth circles, we will have succeeded. When each of us begins with truth in ourselves, the entire system we’re a part of is more true, and the truth will set us free.

On All4.Earth, we encourage learning about how our world works and specialization of each individual, so that as a whole, humanity will find its best way forward. Each one of us has a purpose, as does humanity as a whole. Each one of us has our set of circles, and by long or short connections, our circles are connected to all other life on Earth. Once we can make all those connections and get them optimized, we’ll see what’s next for humanity.

Traits and Behaviors We Admire and Encourage


This is not the place for violence, hatred, selfishness or indifference towards life. Learn to focus your time and energy on things that will make you and others feel better. We will learn how to always put the needs of groups on the front-line of climate change first, including Indigenous people, women, children, and refugees, and to help to lift up all people who are oppressed because of their race, sexual orientation, social status or religious beliefs.

Be Yourself.

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Here, we’re all aiming to thrive authentically. We’re taking action, not acting. Take the time and care you need to understand who you are and what it is you want to do here, it’s all part of the process. And everyone has an important role to play, no matter how big or small. This also means appreciating others and their roles, and what they may have to offer that you may be lacking. No one person can do everything; we need everyone.

Be Honest and Factual.

First of all, be true to yourself. Make sure you’re not ignoring or setting aside things about yourself that you need to work on or want to explore more deeply. And do your work based on facts. We live in a world ruled by physics and facts; if we jump off a high cliff, we will fall down and probably die painfully, for example. We all have to find our own truth or beliefs that shape our behavior, but truth should be based on facts. A fact is a thing that is known because it is proven by credible evidence. Living on lies and scheming and twisting facts to suit your personal purpose is harmful.

Be Responsible and Accountable.

We all want to learn how to be happy and productive citizens without damaging life in all its forms. Take responsibility for your choices, words, actions and thoughts, and be accountable for the results. We’re not blaming or shading the truth, it’s all about transparency and getting down to the bottom of things.

Be Helpful.

We are here to learn to make good choices to live in balance with humans and nature so that current and future generations get the opportunity to live and prosper. We want to know your strengths and experiences to meet this challenge, but please keep it relevant. We don’t need distractions but to work together and make progress that’s so urgent. If you can’t do that and you would rather promote yourself, your business, or your achievements, please go to Facebook or LinkedIn.

Be Intentional.

In order to make progress it’s important to know your own intentions. These will come and go and overlap and change as we learn and participate. These will be unique to each person. We all create our own personal reality based on our intentions. That’s a human superpower. If we want things in our lives to be boring or hurtful, or exciting or interesting, it’s entirely up to each one of us. Our collective reality’s formed by our collective intentions.

Be Positive.

This is a state of mind. We are building up our new world based on love and wisdom, not fear, doubt and control. We’re not focusing on making you stop doing things you like and telling you what to do or judging; we’re each focusing on learning how to make choices that will do no harm and still make us happy. We’re aiming for situations that are win-win-win (climate-economy-humanity), and that may involve learning and accepting hard truths about yourself and your behavior. No one is perfect, and we all have our strengths and weaknesses, but we want to focus on generating positive energy and feelings. You can of course share if something makes you feel down but it should be in an effort to find a way to dissolve the negativity.

Be Open Minded.

“All I’ve leaned is always wrong.” Don’t be so sure about what you think you know. Why do we feel like we have to do things a certain way? Does success actually mean a big house and lots of stuff or does it mean something else?  Maybe there’s a better way.

Be Flexible and Adaptable.

This is all new territory and things may shift and change under our feet as we go along. Our survival and evolution doesn’t depend on brute strength, but on adaptability.

Be Compassionate.

Unless you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you cannot know their depths. Compassion is something every living thing has, and we can choose what to do with it. Try to understand other people’s journeys as best you can and figure out how you can help them along the way. Everyone is welcome and has a role to play.

See the System.

We need solutions and ways of doing things that take into account the system of nature that we’re all connected to. Every entity, from particle to human to institution, is part of this system and should positively contribute. Things we do reverberate throughout the system, and we should be aware that we don’t live in isolation but as a part of this system.

Be Reverent.

We don’t exist to exploit or harm life in any shape or form for personal private gain or comfort. We exist to love and evolve as a human being on Earth. We can recognize and point out things that are harmful to life, and figure out ways to fix things. That’s what we’re here for.

Be Courageous.

It takes courage to be here, learn and participate. You have already shown you have courage just by showing up. So don’t be afraid to bring that out in yourself as you go along. Life needs courage.

Follow Your Feelings and Intuition.

What burns you up? What makes you happy? Don’t bury your feelings, recognize them. Give thought to what you’re feeling in response to posts or news and use that to create positive, productive currents for yourself and others. Understand that by following your feelings you can figure out things about yourself that you might not even know.

Share But Also Listen.

We don’t know everything. No one does, no one can. We are all in this together. We don’t judge here or say what’s right or wrong, what we all should or shouldn’t do, because that’s for every person to figure out for themselves.

Honor Time.

Everything has a process, and things will tend to take their own sweet time, even as we aim for accelerating positive target actions as much as possible. With the climate, the process has led us to a tipping point where it’s now urgent to take action, which is why we’re here. Try to understand that you might be at a different place than others along our personal journeys, and everyone needs sometimes unequal measures of patience and perseverance. But please, don’t hesitate to go fast if you can and to encourage others (not pressure or annoy them).