UNCC 3 - Circular Economy

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Projects

I believe if there were projects created than individuals will fall in line in making sure they play their part whether it be keeping their plastic bottles to reuse them or having specific areas to collect bottle caps in order to reuse and create something big encouraging recycling

Internship Opportunities

The school partner up with other businesses, non profit organizations that offers internships and hands on experience for students interested in pursuing a career in sustainability.

Nonprofit partnerships

Partner with local non-profit organizations or other like-minded institutions to create and support circular economy solutions on and off campus.


Launch marketing campaigns and social media initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of reducing waste in consumer products and highlight the positive impact of choosing eco friendly options

Creating a Recycling guidelines / infographics

I think laying out clear recycling regulations around campus would be helpful in order to people to understand what they can and can’t recycle, what they have to do before something can be recycled, and what things are different based on specific areas? I think starting off with creating signs within the residence halls would […]

Mycelial innovation hub

another mushroom idea… i like fungi lol. Launching a mycelial innovation hub at the innovation barn to push economy solutions by integrating mushroom-based materials and technologies. Mushrooms are ideal for converting organic waste materials into value-added products like biodegradable packaging, insulation materials, etc. Mushroom-based materials like mycelium biocomposites and mushroom leather offer renewable and biodegradable […]

Clothes swap shopping event

I think an idea that would be simple and interesting for college students is to have an “shopping” event on campus where you can bring in clean, but used clothes you no longer want and trade them for other pieces of clothing that other students have brought to trade in. Similar to thrift shopping but […]

Local handmedown events

Offer on-campus events to help students give away goods to other students that they don’t need, rather than throwing them away or leaving them in storage. This would reduce overall waste on campus and reduce how much students need to spend.

Field Trips to the Innovation Barn

We could select a handful of days where a bus picks up select students from campus and drives to the Innovation barn. These students could then use what they learned to implement projects on campus. Also, it would encourage other students to go for a visit as well.