UNCC 1 - Electrification

Solar Power Charging Stations Outside

They have these at a park in my hometown and I think that if people were to know that they have these available outside then they would be more likely to walk or not be inside all the time. Also, solar power is renewable, so it is good for the environment.

Walking club/group

I think if we create an organized walking club on campus that would be great. It could encourage students and faculties to walk more on campus especially as a group.

Incentivize carpooling

Incentivize carpooling by offering specialized/convenient parking spaces to those who carpool. This way students are happy with fewer walking times, and fewer cars are driving around campus.


Promoting carpooling, and providing students with ways to meet other students interested in carpooling would help the environment and help students transportation costs.

More Scooters

I think people already don’t enjoy parking on campus, so if we add more scooters on and around campus, students could utilize them more.

Green Transportation Voucher

The green transportation voucher would incentivize the adoption of electric bicycles for short-distance commuting and errands. It would encourage individuals to switch from using conventional gas-powered vehicles for short trips to utilizing electric bicycles resulting in a reduction of emissions.

Commuter shuttles

Since UNCC is a big commuter school I think it would be beneficial to target off campus transportation. There are a few close off campus apartment complexes that do have a shuttle but it may only drop students off at one spot and not pick up students very often. One way that could help reduce […]

Free Bike/Scooter rentals

We could do one day of month or semester where bikes and scooter rentals are free. This way students would be able to try them out for free and hopefully use them more often.