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Towards a Sustainable and Equitable Future

August 28, 2021 Carbondale Illinois Resilience Fair

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    1. Dr. Justin Schoof: Overview of Climate Science (and Implications for Southern Illinois):
    2. Sean Park: Worker Cooperatives:
    3. Gary Williams and Saxon Metzger: Carbondale Sustainability Updates:
    4. Announcements:
  4. Read event announcements:
    1. Center for Urban Resilience and Environmental Sustainability, Community Project Lab: Carolee Rigsbee:
    2. Food Works, Jennifer Paulson: Farm Crawl-; Southern Illinois Farm Beginnings-
    3. Shawnee Group Sierra Club, Carla Womack: Illinois Monarchs Project; Monthly program this 9/9 with Les Winkler, 7pm, Nature Photography; 9/12 – hike at Bell Smith Springs:
    4. Just Transition Fund, Emily Rhodes: –; Just Transition’s Blueprint For Transition:; National Economic Transition Platform:
    5. Women For Change, Ginger Rye-Sanders: Community gardens for food security and health, Big Event 9/18 Unity Motorcade Parade, starts at Rock Hill Baptist Church at 11am, provide info/announcements to share at 618.203.9617, womenforchange8@gmail.com
    6. Peace Coalition of Southern Illinois, Georgeann Hartzog: 2021 Margi Parker Teach-In for Peace, Historian Peter Kuznick, 9/21 6:30-7:30pm:
    7. SIU Green Roof Team, Nelson Fernandes: Students Installing Wind and Solar Technology on Campus:
    8. SIU SENSE (Students Embracing Nature, Sustainability and Environmentalism), Breanna Whitley: helping SIU draft its sustainability action plan; want to partner with more local organizations to help push divestment from fossil fuels at SIU:
    9. USDA Rural Development Office in Marion, Mike McKee: Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), Rural Business Development Grant Program, Emergency Rural Healthcare Grant, Value-Added Producer Grant (solid waste management technical assistance):, 618.993.5396 x6139
    10. Illinois Initiative Treeson: superhero-themed community service organization with focus on climate, contact Treesong for help with initiatives at your organization: http://IlliniosInitiative.org
    11. Healthy Southern Illinois Delta Network, Ashley Moss: mini-grant deadline 9/1 Supporting Food Security in Southern Illinois:
    12. Southern Illinois Cooperative Business Fund, Sonja Krueger: worker-owned cooperatives education, training and technical assistance, for start-ups or businesses wanting to transition, grant and course coming this fall:
    13. Solarize Southern Illinois, Saxon Metzger: educating about solar installations and working towards solar group buy, virtual power hours (Wed 9/1), live open houses (this Sunday): saxonmetzger@gmail.com
    14. Southern Illinois Collaborative Kitchen, Leah Maciell: pay-what-you-can model, donating meals for low-income areas and organizations in the community:
    15. Women’s Center, NAACP, Carbondale United, Connect 360, African American Museum, Concerned Citizens of Carbondale, Nancy Maxwell: fighting gun violence through working on community connections, working on a community youth center; Black Chamber of Commerce event 9/11, Town Square; Community Connect at Attucks Park 9/25, in Marion 10/10:, 618 306 5885 (Nancy)
    16. United Nations Association of Southern Illinois, Pam Umlauf-Brown: sustainable development goals:, FB,
    17. Buffalo Bluffs Hemp Farm:
    18. Carbondale Public Library:
    19. The Climate Economy Education Inc: online education and community/sustainability-building experiments at the CLimate Economy Action Network:; stay tuned to for upcoming events and link to Monday noon weekly meetings
    20. City of Carbondale Sustainability Commission: regular meetings 3rd Thursdays at the Civic Center:

Hold A Resilience Fair in Your Community

August 28, 2021 Carbondale Illinois Resilience Fair – Template

Use the info below and in this Resilience Fair Template document as tools to organize your own resilience fair. Contact us for more info!


Saturday, August 28, 2021, 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.


Disruptions of all shapes and forms have impacted our lives and our community over the past year. We will gather intentionally and safely amid the pandemic, with evolved perspective and rising hopes for how we will create a new tomorrow. This resilience fair is supported by the City of Carbondale’s Sustainability Commission and many local organizations; this is not just one organization or group’s event, but an event for everyone in the community. The aim is to get community members aware of and taking action towards our sustainable and equitable future, and to join the ongoing dialogue. The agenda includes education on climate change and opportunities for community and business development, a listen-lead-share community conversation for community input, and a celebration of local resilience and youth voices.

Online Forum:

An ongoing group discussion forum is available at this link on

Details and Registration:

This event is free and open to the public and all are invited and welcome to attend. This event has been moved fully online as of August 24 due to Covid. Please register here for the Zoom event in order to be able to participate in the important community discussions.

We want to provide a safe and energetic space for all voices. We need all hands on deck and we want everyone to find their niche in this purposeful and prosperous recovery and community building effort. This is the first in a series of continuing events for the Carbondale region, and will be duplicated across other regions in southern Illinois over the fall of 2021. Contact Jane Cogie at 618-713-7024 or for the link or check back on this page closer to the date.



1-2:00 p.m.

Dr. Justin Schoof is Director of the SIU School of Earth Systems and Sustainability, and Professor of Geography and Environmental Resources. He will discuss climate change impacts for southern Illinois, and the recently released IPCC Sixth Assessment Report on climate science.

Sean Park is Program Manager of the Value-added Sustainable Development Center at the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs. He provides technical assistance and training on business plan development and business start-up to cooperatives and other rural businesses in all sectors. He will discuss worker cooperatives and the opportunities for local worker-owned business models.

Community Conversations

2-3:00 p.m

A listen-lead-share exercise will be lead by Amanda Pankau from the Prairie Rivers Network and Gregory Norris from ACES4Youth. Community members will be asked to provide their input on community direction.

Networking and Celebration

3-3:30 and Throughout Event

We have a lot of great community organizations and people doing profound things to help build community resilience. The Networking and Celebration part of the Resilience Fair provides an opportunity for people to

  • learn about and join one or more of the vibrant organizations in the commuinty, and to
  • hear stories from people and groups that deserve attention and celebration.

Click here for a list of participating organizations from the latest press release.

Press Release August 24, 2021:


Contact: Jane Cogie, 618-713-7024 or

Virtual Event this Saturday Provides Education, Community Conversations, Networking and Celebration of Community Resilience and Sustainability

Everyone is encouraged to attend this virtual event, to find their niche in the upside of taking action on climate change

Carbondale, Illinois, August 24 – This event, held virtually this Saturday, August 28, 1-3:30 p.m., aims to accentuate bold action on climate change—action that leads to improved safety and security for current and future generations, better public health, conservation of nature and biodiversity, and business and job growth. There’s now no doubt that human activities have unnaturally disrupted our world’s natural climate systems, causing problems that will only get worse if we don’t act boldly. Global temperatures are rising and will continue to rise, leading to sea level rise, extreme weather, and shifts in habitats and growing seasons. 

The good news is, we have the solutions. Our outdated laws, energy and economy can and must be adapted to reduce the harm and disruption that they cause to humans, animals and natural systems. People have the power to change the outdated and harmful institutions and to build out clean energy and ecosystems that reduce pollution, create jobs and economic systems that equitably benefit workers, and allow all to lead purposeful, healthy lives.

More information about the event agenda, speakers, and network partners is available at the Resilience Fair website: This free event is for anyone in the Carbondale and surrounding communities interested in community sustainability and resilience. Everyone is welcome to join us and participate in discussions of our community’s future. Registration for attending is at the website address above or directly at  This event is the first in a series in Carbondale and other locations across southern Illinois and is aimed at helping our community members navigate these challenging times. 

The key to meeting these challenges is our working together to accomplish goals we all can agree on, such as better health, conservation of nature and more and better jobs. The old ways that are causing harm need to be stopped, their workers and communities supported, and the new ways built out and celebrated. Thus the first hour of this event, 1 to 2 pm, will focus on education: on the impacts of climate change and on new models, such as worker-owned cooperative business models, that will help our community bring about positive change for our community and for the natural environment we are part of and depend on. During this first hour, speakers include:

  • Dr. Justin Schoof, Director of the SIU School of Earth Systems and Sustainability, and Professor of Geography and Environmental Resources. He will discuss climate change impacts for southern Illinois, and the recently released IPCC Sixth Assessment Report on climate science.
  • Sean Park, Program Manager of the Value-added Sustainable Development Center at the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs. He provides technical assistance and training on business plan development and business start-up to cooperatives and other rural businesses in all sectors. He will discuss worker cooperatives and the opportunities for local worker-owned business models.
  • Gary Willams, Carbondale’s City Manager, and Saxon Metzger, Carbondale Sustainability Commission member, will update the community on the City’s initiatives for advancing Carbondale’s sustainability and on progress made thus far by the Commission on a draft of the Sustainability Action Plan.  

Hour 2 of this event, 2 to 3 pm, will be devoted to a community conversation on concerns those attending have about issues their neighborhoods face and on their ideas for bringing about positive change that will make their neighborhoods more resilient. This conversation, focusing on priorities for community resilience, will be guided to bring out ideas that can be integrated into the five areas of the Sustainability Action Plan. Community members are encouraged to attend in order to add their voices to this community conversation and to the Sustainability Action Plan. 

A number of groups are already at work on innovative community projects that will make Carbondale more resilient. To promote awareness of this work and promote networking across shared interests, from 3-3:30, during the “celebration” part of the event, several organizations will share their stories about local resilience, information about their resources, including funding available, and how to get involved. Several organizations locally and regionally already provide resources and will be at the event for networking and sharing:

The upside of taking bold climate action is immeasurable in terms of better public and environmental health, jobs and sustainable economic growth. We have the technology and all the models and information we need; what we need most is for every person, every member of every community, to be taking action. Attend the resilience fair and find your niche. Contact information: 

  • Get more information about the August 28 event in Carbondale, as well as other events coming up across southern Illinois this fall at the Resilience Fairs website:
  • To get more information about the City of Carbondale Sustainability Commission’s Climate Action Plan, contact Jane Cogie, 618-713-7024 or
  • To get help organizing a resilience fair in your community, contact Amy McMorrow Hunter,, 618-713-2896.

Press Release

For Immediate Release
Contact: Jane Cogie 618-713-7024 or
August 4, 2021


Carbondale, IL: The Carbondale Sustainability Commission, in coordination with the Climate Economy Education Inc. and the SI Cooperative Business Fund, is hosting a Resilience Fair on Saturday, August 28, from 1 to 3:30 pm in the Carbondale Civic Center. Anyone who calls Carbondale home is invited to attend.

The Sustainability Commission has drafted a Sustainability Action Plan to lead Carbondale into the uncertain future of climate change in a way that considers the environment, economics, and equity.  The afternoon opens with educational speakers who will address climate and the means for reaching a local resilient economy. That segment is followed by small-group discussions on how neighborhoods as well as the City as a whole can become more resilient, sustainable and equitable. As time allows, there will be networking among people and organizations who are advancing positive change. Future meetings will be announced which will cover opportunities available from resources beyond Carbondale.

For more information go to (note the plural of “fairs” – this will be the first of several around Southern Illinois) — or contact Jane Cogie at 618-713-7024 or Organizations that want to have a table or otherwise participate are asked to register at