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Learn, Participate and Share on CLEANetwork.com

Donate your time, energy and expertise to others in your community looking for resources on the CLimate Economy Action Network. Head to CLEANetwork now, get registered, get learning, and get participating in community projects. You can also learn more about all the volunteer opportunities below on CLEANetwork.

Become a Catalyst

You can train to be the change you want to see, and build The Climate Economy in your own community.

Become a News Curator

News curators will help bring the variety of topics to our members in an organized way.

Become a Map Maker

Help map out the climate ventures and other opportunities in your community so others can participate.

Start a Group

Online or offline, start a group with friends and family, or get something new started in your community.

Become a Verifier

Verifiers learn to measure success and value in The Climate Economy, with novel business models and analysis.

Join Youth Climate Economy Ventures - YCEV

Youth are leading the way and creating our future. We’re building a whole new platform with MakeProjects. Read more about what we’ve already done.


Youth can participate in projects, start their own projects, and play leadership roles. 


Mentors work with our students in Youth Climate Economy Ventures, helping them to envision and develop new ventures.

Teachers and Facilitators

Schedules and templates have been developed for teachers and other education facilitators who want to bring a group on to YCEV.

Contact The Climate Economy, theclimateeconomy @ gmail.com or +1 618 713 2896 for more information about volunteer opportunities.