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What is CLEANetwork?

The Earth’s climate is changing unnaturally because of human activities, mostly the burning of fossil fuels. We have to make a choice:

  1. Continue on the chaotic, uncertain and destructive path that we’re on, which harms natural ecosystems and living creatures, and serves to enrich only a select few, or
  2. Choose a different path that builds our economy, society and ecosystems deliberately and with care, concentrating on lifestyles, systems and business models that are good for the climate, economy, and humanity.

At CLEANetwork, we’ve already chosen #2, and we’re making it happen. This is a social network with intent and purpose to create our future. Dirty energy can and should be replaced with clean renewable energy, and all facets of our lives can be improved. Lots of people are out there making it happen already, you can see the latest at https://twitter.com/RenewableHappi1.

So what are we doing on CLEANetwork?

Education and Training

Change can be scary and painful, but not if we go into it shielded with knowledge and the power of our community connections. We have so much to re-learn, and so many new things to discover. The Earth is already changing, so we’re preparing ourselves to understand the change and learn to thrive authentically. CLEANetwork aims to serve as a hub for education and training in the economic and societal transformation that’s already underway.

Clean Jobs and Ventures

The transition to clean, renewable energy in the US is a massive necessary undertaking that is going to create something like 25 million jobs. Not only that, but every job already in existence needs to upgrade to clean. And finally, new ventures can be built in everything we do, from energy to food to leisure, to do things in new and better ways. CLEANetwork aims to help people find their niche, find jobs and/or start new ventures.

Strengthening Communities

The problems we face, such as the transition to an entirely new energy system, are big and complex. We need all hands on deck, everyone aware of what’s going on, and putting their special expertise and assets to good use. CLEANetwork’s helping to kickoff new community ideas and also training people in communities to serve as the “catalyst” to to energize actions and ensure they come to fruition.

How To Get Started

CLEAN stands for “CLimate Economy Action Network.” This is where we’re making the magic happen. Now you know. Now you can:

  1. Make the choice to help create a better world, and join CLEANetwork.
  2. Then, check out the “Getting Started on CLEANetwork” course for an introduction to all the tools on the site.

Everyone has a role to play, so let’s have some fun!